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Don’t buy fake pills

Up to 77 per cent of all erection pills bought online are illegal.1 Anyone buying such products without a prescription and anywhere other than a legal pharmacy is putting their health in serious danger. They even risk a heart attack or stroke. Many fake pills come from India2 and instead of safe, approved medicine contain such ingredients as rat poison, lead and paint residues.3

Natural erection pills

So-called “natural” erection pills often contain herbs which can cause serious health problems in combination with certain medical conditions or medication. For example, they may disrupt the body’s hormone balance and so increase the risk of breast cancer and gynaecomastia (breast development in men).4

How to buy erection pills

A lot of fake erection pills are sold on the internet.5 Fortunately, there’s also Blueclinic. A reliable site where you can buy genuine drugs prescribed online by a qualified doctor and supplied by a registered UK pharmacy. To buy your erection pills safely, just follow the three simple steps below.


Select medication and complete order form.


Wait for approval from the online doctor.


Pay your order, receive it within a few days.

Online diagnosis

Once the online doctor has diagnosed your condition and issued your prescription, your pills are delivered to your home under plain cover within two working days. With the whole process completed on the internet, you avoid a potentially embarrassing face-to-face encounter with your GP and still get the treatment you need quickly and easily.

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Will I get erections now?

Taking pills for erectile dysfunction is no guarantee that you’ll get erections. Erections result from a complicated process involving changes to the blood vessels, muscles and nerves in your penis.6 And you also need to be sexually aroused or stimulated.7 Buying reliable pills from Blueclinic should help with the physiological factors, but we can’t provide the stimulation. So we’re unable to make any promises.

A unique service

Blueclinic is the number one website where you can legally buy erection pills prescribed online by a qualified UK doctor and dispensed by a registered UK pharmacy. If you have any questions about this service, please call us on 0800-0201616 or send us a message using the online contact form.

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