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1. Blueclinic itself is not a doctor or any other kind of medical practitioner. Through Blueclinic, you make online contact with an independent and fully qualified UK doctor to request treatment and with an independent pharmacy, My Own Chemist, which then discreetly dispenses, sells and supplies any products he or she may prescribe.

2. The contents of Blueclinic are in no way intended to substitute or take precedence over advice from professional health practitioners. None of the material on this website can or should be used as a basis for diagnosis or treatment. For these, we advise you to consult your own GP.

3. Blueclinic advises anyone with a health problem to contact a fully qualified UK doctor for diagnosis and treatment. He or she possesses the expertise needed to help you.

4. Blueclinic strongly advises users never to experiment with prescription medicines.

5. The contents of Blueclinic are based upon material from reliable sources but are provided for informative purposes only. Blueclinic accepts no responsibility for any consequences arising out of treatment or lifestyle changes undertaken without seeking expert medical advice. Although the contents of this website have been compiled with the greatest possible care, advances in medical science can occur with great speed and so inaccuracies cannot always be avoided. New facts or discoveries may override the information found on this site at any time. The publisher therefore advises readers always to seek advice from a fully qualified UK doctor before making any changes to their treatment or lifestyle.

6. The contents of Blueclinic have been compiled by an expert editorial team, in consultation with independent qualified doctors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical specialists and others. Information about the author of each article, including any professional qualifications and specialisations, can be found at the end of the text.

7. Blueclinic is responsible for keeping the contents of Blueclinic up to date and in order. However, any information, claims and opinions contained in articles on Blueclinic are those of the author alone and are not necessarily upheld or shared by the publisher.

8. On occasions, links to third-party websites or sources are included in order to provide the reader with additional information. But because Blueclinic has no influence over these sites, it can accept no responsibility for any form of publicity provided by their third-party operators.

9. Any personal data submitted to Blueclinic by visitors or users is treated in the utmost confidence, although some details may be shared with certain third parties in order to provide our services. For more information, see our privacy statement and terms and conditions.

10. Blueclinic is intended to provide impartial information, so we comply with relevant media legislation and codes. Any sponsored content, including product information and advertising, is clearly identifiable as such.

11. Blueclinic complies with the so-called “Blue Guide” (MHRA) on the advertising and promotion of medicines in the UK.

12. Blueclinic is not a listed healthcare professional and does not undertake any regulated activities. Therefore Blueclinic is not registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 as its falls outside the official scope of registration.

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Found a lower price elsewhere for exactly the same treatment? And does that price include online prescription and next day delivery too? We will refund the difference and adjust the prices on our website. Note that for every extra pack you buy, you save £5 to pass on the lower dispensing fees, postage and packaging costs (not on drugs). At Blueclinic you are confident that you pay the lowest price!